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THP Stock Photos by Tim Hester Photography

THP Stock Photos is no ordinary stock agency. By purchasing quality stock images from THP Stock Photos you are buying directly off the artist, Tim Hester, rather than going through a middle man. This means that prices can be kept very reasonable for the buyer. It also means that 100% of the royalties goes to the artist. Fair trade has never been so good! Tim has sold tens of thousands of stock photo and vector licenses in the past few years alone, making his work visible around the world in many different formats. By using THP Stock Photos you have direct access to the entire catalogue of fully edited and legally licensed stock photos and vectors, including some you won’t find elsewhere.

Search multiple artists work via THP Stock Photos network

THP Stock Photos has teamed up with other stock photographers and vector artists from around the world to bring you a truly amazing experience. We realise that even our extensive catalogue of images may not always have exactly what you need. So when you search THP Stock Photos (using the search box at the top of the site) you will find search results from hundreds of artists via the Symbiostock network. One search, many artists. And all dealing direct to the buyer! Our network of partners is always growing, so you will always find the perfect stock photo or vector graphic through THP Stock Photos.

Shop safely and securely with THP Stock Photos + Paypal

To enable you to buy with confidence, THP Stock Photos uses Paypal to process the payments. This is also the case for all of our network partners, which means that no confidential payment details or personal financial information is tracked, stored or processed by any of the individual websites. This enables the checkout process to be as safe and secure as any Paypal shopping experience around the globe. Plus, registration with THP Stock Photos is instantaneous, allowing you to browse, select and purchase your image securely within just a few minutes.

So why buy stock photos & vectors direct from THP Stock Photos?

1. Support photographers and vector artists 100%. It’s like that fair-trade coffee you have in your hands – only better!
2. Create business relationships with the artists themselves, instead of a sales rep.
3. Fair & reasonable pricing – no credit packs or sneaky subscriptions. Just plain dollar values at very reasonable prices.